In a perfect world we would all be morning people. In our house I'm the only one - even my dog rolls over in bed when I get up. There are so many benefits to being a morning person. You can be more productive and get a lot more done, you can create more time for yourself and not be rushed which can seriously help you manage your stress levels.


1. Reduce your screen time at night

You need to set yourself a cutoff time for your phone, tablet, tv... Most of us spend our days looking at our phones or screens so it can be confusing to your brain. Most of use our phones as alarms but try make your room into a sleep sanctuary. Try to restrict your screen contact at least an hour before bed and if you do need to use your phone dim the brightness.


2. Create a cozy night time ritual

I love my few hours before bedtime. After I shower, I make myself tea with oat milk and curl up with my Kindle away from my phone. Whatever you choose make sure its something you can do daily and is a calming experience away from the daily grind - your body will adjust to this habit and know when it's time to wind down an ego to sleep.


3. Exercise when you wake up

I do some form of exercise every day in the morning. It's the quickest way to realise toxins from your body and get those endorphins flowing and will instantly perk up your mood. It's sets your day up and gives you more energy, helps your metabolism and makes you want to eat healthier which will help your sleep patterns.


4. Let the light in

Whether artificial or natural light - let it in. Light is important because it tells your body to start waking up and to stop producing melatonin which is the hormone that helps regulate sleep. 


5. Set out your outfit the night before

Whether heading to work or the gym - set out your outfit the night before. The whole outfit, from undergarments to socks and shoes. You'll feel more prepared to start the day and earn a few extra minutes in the morning.


6. Get moving as quickly as possible

While it can be tempting to lay in bed and check your Feed, try to get up as quickly as possible and get moving to the kitchen for a glass of water or to get dressed. Allowing yourself to laze in bed can let the grogginess set in. It will be tough in the beginning - get up the moment you wake up.


7. Always have something to look forward to

Don't wait for Friday to be excited about your day - plan your week so that you have something fun to look forward to. Coffee with a friend, that latest new bestseller or a walk on the beach with you furry bestie. Plan fun things for the week so you have a reason to hop out of bed.


Changing your daily routine can be tough - small changes daily make a big difference in the long term. Imagine when you have an extra hour in the morning for that workout or reading time or that special me time.

It might be a little uncomfortable at first but totally worth it in the long run!


November 11, 2020 — Bianca Asher
Tags: wellness

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