Intro to Trail Running - What You Need

Getting into trail running can be daunting. Where to start, what you need and all the things you need to know. We've been trail running for a few years now and have been through a few products and have settled on some gear that we love and we wanted to share it with you. These are just a few of the items we love for trail running. There are so many more options out there. Here are a few of the products we love and 100% recommend them.


1. Shoes

Arguably one of the most important things are your shoes. Our weapons of choice currently are Asics Gel Trabuco 9 Trail Shoes.

Why we love them:

We threw these babies into the deep end and started the 13 Peaks Challenge in them last month. With a lot of climbing, blisters can be an issue but we've had no problems in these (Tip: To avoid any blisters - vaseline is your friend. Take a generous amount and smear it between your toes to prevent them. Sounds gross - but trust us - it works like a bomb!). They also have a really clever little pouch in the tongue of the shoe that lets you tuck up the tied laces into there. So there's no chance of your laces getting caught in twigs or rocks and taking a tumble.


2. Hydration Pack

We have been through a few of these and of course it comes down to personal preference - my all time favourite packs are Camelbak.

Why we love them:

Of the many packs I've tried - Camelbak fits the most securely to my body and doesn't chafe my skin. There are so many stash pockets - the front phone pocket being one of my favourite as I love taking pictures of the amazing landscapes on our trails - so I don't have to keep taking my pack off (A phone is a must have out on the trails just for in case you need to phone for help). There are tons of stash pockets for all your snacks, windbreakers, rain jackets, first aid kits and water. They are super comfortable even when wearing them for hours at a time. They're great over shorter distances and longer distances so you don't have to own few different packs. They also make ladies specific packs.


3. Shorts, Leggings & Bras

Our Bikers, Enduro leggings and Elite bra are our go to running gear. 

Why we love them:

Both are made out of super comfy, moisture wicking material so no chafe regardless of the distance. They fit really comfortably around the waist (just below the belly button) and they don't slide down so you can enjoy your run without constantly adjusting your shorts or leggings. The Enduro leggings also have tons of stash pockets so if you don't have a pack you can stash a few goodies safely for your run. The Biker shorts have become my ride or dies for any ultra distance because I've never had comfier. I din't have a thigh gap so shorts riding up has always been a problem. These almost feel like they're glued in place and beyond comfortable.

Our fave bra at the moment is the Elite bra. The Elite is also made out of super soft, moisture wicking fabric that is comfortable for all day wear and minimizes chafe. We've mentioned chafe a lot and most runners will know the chafe struggle is real. Prevention is better then cure to have the best long runs!

4. Hydration and Nutrition

These two things are some of the most important factors to running longer distances and spending more time on your legs. Again these come down to personal preference and you should always test out different products on your runs to see what works for you (tip. don't try something new on a race day - you don't know how your body will react and it could mess up your run).

1. Hydration

Our go to at the moment is 32Gi Hydrate. Tablets that you can pop into a soft flask with water or as a chewable tablet depending on what you prefer. They support fluid absorption and are easy on the digestive system.

2. Nutrition

We like to have a mix of nutrition with us on the trails. Our go to is GU energy gels  and Fast Bars (we also take a PB and J sandwich on the longer days).

All of these are available at Dischem so you can use those points to stock up!


5. Windbreaker

There are tons of good windbreakers out there but our all time fave is the Patagonia Houdini. It's definitely not the cheapest purchase but it is a great investment.

Why we love it:

The Houdini weighs almost nothing and folds up into the front pocket which makes it really easy to carry and save space in your pack. It keeps the wind off you without making you really hot. The Houdini has a hood that you can zip all the way under your chin so on those really windy days you can keep the wind off your ears. We use it for everyday wear too.


6. First Aid Kit

This one is a rather be safe than sorry addition to your pack. We carry a small first aid kit and stock it with extras not included in the kit like: 


-space blanket

-spidertech tape

-small tub of vaseline

-extra plasters

-small tube of sunblock 


This is by no means a comprehensive list of everything you need - however it is a great starting point. As we mentioned, there is a plethora of great gear out there. These are just some of our top picks.


Happy trails!

May 03, 2021 — Bianca Asher


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This is a great list. I’ve been wanting to start trail running and this article is super helpful. Lots of items I didn’t think about :)

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