by Ferne Kalamer


Imagine a world where every step you take is steering you towards greatness and purpose, to a place where your worries disappear and you’re surrounded by likeminded people. Welcome to the beautiful world of running! It is more than just exercise; you are engaging with a group that inspires you to being the best YOU, pushing you beyond your limits and enriching your life in ways you didn’t think possible. In this blog post, we will explore how running in a community does not only increase your fitness level, but how it can also fuel your passions and help you to form lasting friendships.


 1. Motivation and Commitment:

It's never easy to embark on a journey to a healthier and fitter YOU on your own. This is where a community helps you to stay motivated and committed. On those mornings when you struggle to get out of bed, the thought of running with friends is the ultimate motivator to hit the road—friends who support you through the low moments and celebrate your highs.


2. Accountability:

When you are committed to a running group, you are no longer only accountable to yourself. You become part of the team and you DO NOT MAKE EXCUSES. You show up and turn your intentions into actions. This keeps you disciplined and ensures that you are where you need to be, even on days when you need to dig deep to find some inspiration and motivation.


3. Boosting Mood and Reducing Stress Levels:

Running isn’t just about getting fit and losing weight, it’s a natural stress reliever and dopamine booster. When you run in a community, the laughter, the stories, the shared experiences uplift you and leave you feeling exhilarated. As you connect with others and realise that you are never alone in in your struggles, your daily stressors seem to fade.



4. Pushing Yourself and Gaining Knowledge:

Running with more experienced athletes is an opportunity to learn from the best. They can offer insight on all the DOs and DON’Ts of running. They have already conquered the mountains you are yet to climb, and can offer invaluable advice and guidance to take you to where you want to be. Also, they can show you new routes, introduce you to other groups and could inspire you to challenge yourself even further by setting new and exciting goals.


5. Building Bonds and Safety in Numbers (Especially for Females):

Running together forms unbreakable connections. The time you spend on the road with fellow runners creates unique bonds, and ultimately, great friendships. The shared support and encouragement, and the memories made on the road /trails are unlike any other connections you might have experienced in the past. Also, being a female runner, there is that added layer of safety when running in a community. It allows you to enjoy yourself without any fear.


Embracing running as a part of a community is so much more than just exercise, it becomes a celebration of lifelong connections and a journey of shared experiences. The motivation and commitment shared among fellow runners create a support system, pushing each individual to new heights.

So, lace up your running shoes and step into the world of community running. It's an investment in yourself and the people around you. The connections you make, the lives you inspire and the strength you find within will enable you to push further than you imagined. So, if you haven't already, find a local running group or start one of your own. Running uplifts spirits, increases dopamine levels and brings us closer together. Happy running!

August 28, 2023 — KoaKoa Active

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