We all know that a strong core is really important. Having a strong core helps with posture, helps reduce your risk of back injury and the list goes on. We use our core muscles with pretty much every movement that we do whether it's exercising or just doing your daily activities.

We know it can be difficult to always include core strength into your workout so here's a 10 Minute Abs Finisher that you can tag onto any workout or start your day with.


Yes! A double whammy - the squat is great for your your glutes and your core as the core is activated. Keep your knees behind your toes when you squat. Form is more important than speed.

Glute Bridge

Another great one for the glutes and abs. The glute bridge works the hamstrings, glutes, lower back and abs. Lie on your back in a bent knee position with your feet hip width apart. Contract your ab muscles until your lower back is pressed into the floor. Lift your back and glutes off the floor. Try keep your abs and glutes contacted as you do the exercise. 

Rocking Plank

The ultimate core exercise - the plank works basically your whole body while strengthening your spine which will help your posture. The rocking plank is a great variation. And yes - it will burn!

  1. Start in the plank position with your forearms on the ground and your elbows stacked under your shoulders. 
  2. Rock your whole body forward, coming even more onto your toes, and allowing your shoulders to go past your elbows.
  3. Rock back into your starting position.
  4. Keep your core engaged and don't allow your hips to rise or drop. Push your forearms into the ground so you don't allow your shoulders to drop.

Bear Crawl

The bear crawl is another great stability exercise that involves all your muscle groups. This one will not only work your core but sculpt your arms too.

  1. Channel your inner baby bear and crouch down onto all fours with your hands (shoulder-width apart) in front of you, your feet behind you and your derriere in the air.
  2. Crawl forward with either your right arm or left with the opposite leg following.
  3. Take as many steps as your space allows and then turn around and repeat.

Ab Bikes

Another oldie but goodie. Lie flat on your back and contract your abs to push your lower back into the ground (pull your belly button into your lower back to engage the lower abs). Put your hands behind you neck and pull your one knee in towards your opposite elbow then switch sides and repeat. Again form is more important than speed.

Here's a fun graphic to save on your phone for your next workout :)

May 12, 2020 — Bianca Asher
Tags: Training

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