We know that sometimes the hardest part of getting into running is just not knowing where to start. Not knowing how often to run, how far or the pace you should be running.

Our running completely changed when we got a coach. We have an awesome coach Brendan - from Fitness From Africa. He's based in Joburg but with modern technology - all our programs and strength training is App based and easy to navigate. With a proper program with speed and strength training - we got faster and stronger. We always have a goal race or distance to work towards which for us personally is the best way to train.

We teamed up with Brendan to do this 10 week 5k training program. It's aimed at those who already do a bit of running but not a huge amount of mileage. Every person has a different pace so we've included an RPE scale (rate of perceived exertion) to give you an indication of the effort required for that session. The first two weeks is just a form of base training before it includes speed training. So for the next 10 weeks you have a running coach. 


KoaKoa 5k Challenge

*Win a R1000 KoaKoa Voucher

Due to lockdown there are currently no road races so we're hosting the KoaKoa 5k Challenge to encourage you. All you have to do to enter is:

  • If you don't have a fitness watch - download the Strava App onto your phone. You'll be able to record all your running data here.
  • Start training with our 5k program on Monday 6 July
  • Tag us in your training and and on 'race day' once you've completed your 5k. The winner will be chosen based on completing the challenge on not on time. 
  • Run the 5k 'Race' on Saturday 12 September and share your run with us on Instagram.

Below is a your downloadable training program. Save it on your phone or print it to have at home.

July 02, 2020 — Bianca Asher


Bianca said:

Hi Kim

This program is geared towards people who already do a bit of running and are looking to improve their pace :). As everyone’s pace is different you run according to the Rate of Perceived Exertion – which is different for everyone. That’s why the program starts off on time and then moves to distance. So in the beginning you run according to the time with the pace as indicated and then move into distance. You definitely don’t need to be able to run 6min per/k in the beginning. The speed training in the following weeks will start improving your pace. There are some great beginner running programs out there as well if you don’t feel this is the right fit for now.

Hope this helps! :)

Bianca said:

Hi Stacy

You can join our running club on Strava – KoaKoa Active and your training sessions will be automatically shared with us. You can also just tag us on Instagram. On race day also please share your finish time with us to be entered into the giveaway. :)

Stacy said:

Hi 👋
How do we sign up for the 5km challenge on the 12th of September?
Or do we just run it and record it?
Thank you 🌻

Kim Brink said:

Awesome initiative!
Except this assumes that I can start at 6 min per km. I wanted to ask a friend to join – who can’t run at that pace yet – and so it felt to her that the programme wasn’t inclusive/made for her.

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