Fixed padding, eyelet hooks to adjust to your support needs for ultimate performance.

High Impact Sports Bras


Ultra lightweight fabric with moisture wicking properties and pockets to stash your workout essentials.

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I bought these at the Comrades expo and wore them for the first time on race day. They are incredibly comfortable, the pockets are great, I love the high waist and I did not chafe! I'm in love! Thank you!
— Lauren B.
Customer reviews
I absolutely love it! I tried it for the first time on a 60km run and it was so comfortable I didn't feel any rub anywhere.
Without a doubt, my only running bra from now on.
— Leigh B.
Customer reviews
Zero chafe running an ultra marathon in the bra without having worn it for many long runs beforehand. The fabric is next level comfortable and supportive. I’ve already bought another one.
— Lucy G.