With winter fast approaching, there's still a bit of time to try these delicious smoothie bowls by Hannah Mitchell.


To make the perfect, creamy and insta-worthy smoothie bowl, it would definitely help to use a few of my key secrets:  


1. Use frozen bananas or frozen avocado.

  • Your base should always be either 2 frozen bananas or a frozen avocado. This gives it that delish, creamy consistency.


2. Less is more with adding milk or water

  • This all depends on your blender’s power or not. Start with a little bit of milk if your blender needs it and add in small increments.

This will keep your smoothie thick and creamy. 


3. I always add yogurt

  • This is quite a controversial one in the world of smoothie bowls! Adding 1/2 cup of soya or low fat plain yogurt keeps it creamy and adds a protein boost to a base of just fruit. This also helps me with the creaminess as I don’t have an expensive blender. 


Here are 3 insta worthy bowls! 


Summer Splash Bowl


PB & J Bowl 


Blueberry Blast Bowl

April 01, 2021 — Bianca Asher
Tags: wellness

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