10 Small Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

Change can be scary and overwhelming and often we get bogged down in everything and don't know where to get started. Making small, manageable changes are a sure fire way to get started on a healthier lifestyle. By making small changes that you can easily follow through - you can slowly add more small steps to work towards a healthier lifestyle


1. Drink More Water

We're all guilty of not drinking enough water. The average person needs 2-3 litres of water per day. Water helps our bodies to work properly and is great for our sin. Invest in a good flask and get into the habit of filling it up first thing in the morning. You can also infuse your water with lemon, mint, raspberries, oranges or whatever you prefer to give your water a refreshing taste.


2. Create a Daily Ritual

Our lives are so fast paced and often we wake up and hit the ground running. Carve out 10 -15 minutes for yourself in the morning. Drink a cup of tea, read a book or meditate. Taking a few minutes to yourself before you start your day can put you in a better frame of mind and help with stress relief.


3. Move it

Exercise makes you feel fit, improves your mood and helps to increases your energy. Find something that you actually want to do like a yoga flow or dance class on YouTube. You can even make sure you're hitting your 10000 steps a day goal. You will always feel better after moving your body.


4. Get Enough Sleep

The sleep sweet spot seems to be around 7-8hrs. It's easy to get sucked into Netflix or mindlessly scrolling before bed. Get your new book out and give yourself a screen cutoff time and read instead before bed.


5. Add One More Serving of Fruit or Veggies to Your Daily Meals

Filled with vitamins and minerals that help keep you energised and healthy. Just add one serving extra to your daily meals.


6. Make Your Bed and Eliminate Clutter

Starting the day by making your bed - you'll accomplish your first task of the day and will encourage to take on the next tasks for the day. Sort through your clothes and donate the ones you don't wear and make space for the ones you do. If you take a few extra minutes every day to fold and pack away your clothes and other items you can eliminate clutter. 


7. Take a Break From Technology

We do almost everything on our phones, tablets on computers - taking a break from it can be a good thing. Taking a break can improve your productivity, your sleep and your personal relationships with the people around you. Try take 30mins a day away from technology. You can encourage yourself to do this by keeping your phone out of your bedroom, taking a long walk without it or practising some self care like a relaxing bath or facial without it.


8. Find a New Hobby

Giving yourself interests outside of work and family can help you feel more fulfilled. Think about taking up cooking or baking, start a book club or try a new sport.


9. Cut Down on Alcohol

Try to limit your drinking to once or twice a week and stick to a a glass or 2 of wine or your favourite cocktail. Not only will your liver thank you but your wallet will too!


10. Think Positive and Focus on Gratitude 

This is especially important now during these crazy times we're living through. It can be very easy to get sucked into all the negativity. Try focus on one positive thing a day and consider keeping a gratitude diary. You can even open it up on a new note on your phone or get a cute notebook to note 3 things you're grateful for daily.


August 21, 2020 — Bianca Asher
Tags: wellness

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