I started running a few years ago with the idea of just doing a 21k. The running bug quickly bit and progressed into Ultra marathons. When you’re spending up to 10hrs running - I quickly realized how important tech running gear was.
I invested quite a bit in high end brand leggings but more often than not I was pretty disappointed. I don’t have the perfect body or a thigh gap and I just found a lot of these leggings to be lacking when it came to high performance. So I set out in finding the perfect pair of leggings for the average body type. 
After a lot of testing I finally found the perfect materials that feels like you’re wearing nothing, whilst being ultra comfortable over long distances. They’re also ridiculously comfortable on the grocery run or the Netflix marathon.
I’m so stoked to have a brand that caters for the every girl body type as well as having all the nifty tech like sweat wicking, breathable fabric and side pockets for your phone and snacks.
From ultra marathons to every day wear... Welcome to KoaKoa Active Wear.