With the help of our fitness community - we've put together a guide of fitness resources - both online and classes here in SA. So you can stay in shape this summer or get started on your fitness journey. In no particular order - take a look at all these awesome fitness resources.



Fit Best Live Workouts

We offer Online Group Fitness Classes for FREE on Zoom this December (2-18 Dec).
People can sign up on our website: www.fitbesttraining.com/livetraining
We also have a 40 day Healthy Habits challenge that kicked off on the 1st of December. 
If someone want to join - they can simply download the PDF from our website:
And lastly but not least - we also offer online training. We currently have three programs that members can pick from. 2 of the programs are app based and one of them are eBook based. More details on all of our programs can be found on our website.

Missfit Boxing

MissFit Boxing Studio™ has been specifically designed for the 21st century Woman, we have set out our studios to give you the best training experience of its kind offering you nothing but the best looking to the most functional fitness facility, with an upbeat vibe that will have you and your Girls coming back and swinging for more.

MissFit Programming is a 60-minute workout that combines boxing exercises with cardio, strength training, plyometrics, and numerous other boxing training exercises that are functional and fun for ladies of all ages. Each day our personalized workouts change to ensure your body will constantly be challenged.

Our studios are situated in Meyersdal, Bedfordview, Northcliff, Tygervalley (CPT), Glen Marais, Greenstone, Fourways, Illovo, Parkhurst, Benoni and Van Ryneveld (PTA)! Franchise opportunities are available. 

Stronger for Summer Bootcamp

Stronger for Summer Bootcamp was founded by Jayde Scagell in August 2020. She is a passionate personal trainer from the Southern Suburbs. The idea behind this Bootcamp was for women to find their strength and confidence within themselves while getting some exercise in, as well as meeting other amazing like-minded women. Her Bootcamp quickly grew in numbers and she has inspired many women of all ages to push their limits and thrive while living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. She has an amazing workout program that is about to be released in Jan 2021. 

FIT BEST Training

Helping women from all walks of life to become the best version of themselves - through their individualised fitness journey.

  • Personal training
  • Group fitness training
  • Online training
  • LIVE workouts

The Strong Willed

My name is Carmen and I am the 3rd South Africa female to get my CrossFit L3. I absolutely love teaching everyone from kiddies to adults how to move better and use fitness to be a healthier, confident, powerful human being.
I do (in-gym) group coaching as well as 1:1 coaching. I have started doing online coaching and host free insta fitness classes every Wednesday and do a live chat every Friday on my FB group addressing common issues in the fitness and health industry to add value and teach members how to improve Their lifestyle.
I also have done free guides to help those struggling with online/home workouts.
The links are here: 

Nova Core Studio

Nova Core is a Pilates and Barre studio situated in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa. It was founded by professional dancer and Pilates/Barre instructor, Nicola Lubbe, in 2020.


Nova Core aims to provide fun and upbeat classes while honouring the technical postural requirements to avoid injury and maintain happy and healthy bodies.
Our mission is to create an inclusive and positive environment where all feel welcome and leave energised. 
We pride ourselves on only having the best instructors. All of our instructors are qualified and highly experienced, so that `Nova Core can provide the best service to you, our client.


Yoga Connect 

Unlimited yoga, breath work, and meditation for R280/month. Our platform's purpose is to connect you to your practice wherever you are; at home, or on the road. With a wide variety of styles, durations and levels, we have made sure there is something for everyone.


Farmhouse Fitness


“The Farmhouse Fitness house has 5 bedrooms. Each room sleeps 4 people and each room has its own bathroom. We can host up to 20 people at a time, like a guesthouse, but with our own 180 square meter fully equipped barn gym located only 30 steps away from the house! We take you on all the “must do” excursions around in Cape Town as well as making sure you sweat in the gym. All we really want is to combine your vacationing with health and fitness.” 



The Real Life With Ros


At home workout guides. Ros is the owner of The Real Life With Ros. She loves to share her passion for health and fitness by helping others to create the lifestyle they deserve. To be a better version of themselves and to live a balanced lifestyle that won't only affect them personally but their kids, family and friends. She emphasizes the importance of this because an unhealthy lifestyle affects you mentally and physically which indirectly affects everyone around you. Ros has been through the emotional rollercoaster of being overweight, being fit and strong and not recognizing the person in the mirror. This is hr story and she wants to share it with the world.


Raise the Barre


There are many different types of Barre, most forms utilize a ballet barre and combine the use of light weights, a ball and a resistance band.

My specific barre that I teach is based on Pilates movements which all stem from strengthening your core and using small muscle groups. Focusing on low-impact, high intensity movements designed to strengthen and tone your body. The perfect blend of small movements and cardio which will leave you feeling the burn and seeing that sweat!



Ayurveda Yoga

Virtual yoga studio. A yoga class everyone can follow

All of our classes use the wisdom of the Yoga Sutra (the formative text on the science of Yoga) as our base, combining Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Tantra with modern BodyMind therapy.


Bend With Jess


Jessica currently offers limited private classes and group (adult) classes online and in-person. These classes offer you the opportunity to improve your flexibility, strength, control and capability.

The Bend With Jess approach to flexibility and contortion training focuses on active, passive and dynamic stretching and conditioning techniques designed to increase your flexibility and ability, to noticeably improve your range of motion, and to help prevent injury while training and/or performing. Jessica specialises in training adults with and without previous gymnastics/contortion/dance/yoga training. Clients of any age, level, and discipline can benefit from consistent flexibility training, and are guided froward based on their individual bodies, needs and goals.


Health with Erryn


My programmes incorporate all 3 of the following styles of training, but I also offer specific programmes focusing on one of the following depending on the client’s needs & wants. Apart from the training, I also offer holistic health coaching that I usually do in conjunction with the training, but I also offer that separately. I am passionate about holistic health and fitness, and I want to share my passion and enthusiasm with you.



Functional Training with Stephanie Pohl


My name is Stephanie and I have been doing CrossFit for about 4 years now.
I am a CrossFit coach I have my CrossFit level 1 course.
I have turned my garage  @hotbox_cf into a functional training center where we offer :
Functional training
Boot camps
Personal training
Gymnastics skills
Strength training.
We also offer our gym for personal trainers to train clients and for people that need to train for competition.
We are gym that allow for people that need a space to work hard without any distractions. To get the grunt work done and for people that also want to be competitive and needs serious training. 
We are based in hillcrest.


Keep Moving Positively


My name is Gizelle and im a personal trainer based in Greenpoint and Somerset West.

I do online sessions, one on one and group classes.

I focus on mainly HIIT but also shaping and toning, specific event fitness etc

I'm mobile. I either come to your home or meet in a specific park.




Health with Azi


I, Aziwe Booi, am a registered registered dietitian-nutritionist.  My passion for food and nutrition started from as far back as I can remember. I grew up in a household where nutrition was a priority. Most Saturday mornings were spent tending to the vegetable garden and even more afternoons were spent trying new healthy recipes. 

As my journey continued I grew an interest in how nutrition could aid in the management and prevention of various chronic diseases, its impact in improving performance in sports and so much more. I went on to complete my BSc in Human Nutrition/Dietetics at Stellenbosch University and I am currently completing my community service.

I am passionate about making health and nutrition information easily digestible for the everyday person. I feel strongly about making nutrition both financially and culturally appropriate and that all food should be enjoyable in order to help you lead a sustainable healthy and happy life.


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