5 Ways To Motivate You To Run

We had a great response to last weeks blog post about getting to your first 5K so we thought we'd help out with staying motivated on your fitness journey. The biggest obstacle in your way can be motivation. For me I know that if I don't get my run or workout done in the morning it's just not going to happen. I know I'm not an evening exercise person so I make sure I get up early to get it done. :)

1. Just get yourself going

Seems really simple but honestly the hardest part can just be getting those trainers on. Once you're committed to going you can pep talk yourself and get rid of those pesky thoughts about all the reasons you don't want to get going. You can even just start out at a walk and gradually get into it as you warm up.

6 Ways To Motivate You To Run

2. Download your favourite music

Whether you use Spotify or Apple Music, spend a few minutes creating a great playlist of all your favourite music that gets you pumped up. There are also some great playlists already made - fitness, running, workout. Just search it and you can find it. 

3. Schedule your run/ workout into your day

I can't explain how much this changed my relationship to working out. We have a running coach now which is pretty awesome so he updates our training app and we get our running plan emailed to us every night for the next morning. If you already have that time allotted in the day to that workout it's so much easier to get it done -  because you know the time is there. Set a reminder in your calendar and you can set updates for yourself for whatever times suit you.

6 Ways To Motivate You To Run

4. Get some cool new workout gear ;)

Goes without saying that when you get new gear you immediately want to try it on and both feel and look great while wearing your brand new gear. Even a new pair of running shoes can give you that extra pep.

5. Reward yourself

Whether it's that free Vitality smoothie for hitting those goals or a small latte from your favourite coffee shop or that new workout gear you've been eyeing. You can work out a reward system for yourself where x amount of runs gets you to that next reward.

Getting out there and being active is always worth it - it falls into self care. Even if it's just half an hour for you to decompress and reflect on things - you always feel better when you've hit those goals. :)




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February 03, 2020 — Bianca Asher
Tags: wellness

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